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Why another network?

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the issue

The church is declining in the
inner - city, people in these areas
are captive to sin in the form of
drug abuse, gang violence and broken
homes. the harvest plentiful here, but
very few are showing up during visitation
hours. the church needs to expand the
circle, and include these neighborhoods
in it’s mission to save the least and the

The Vision

We seek to develop and deploy
indigenous leaders to plant
healthy churches in these
under-resourced neighborhoods,
that will be on the block and in the
barrio, engaging the hurting and
the have-nots.

The Strategy

Through a one year incubator
program, we will train, assess,
connect, and launch church planters
into inner-city neighborhoods
around the nation and beyond.

Dear Inner-City Leaders,

Now more than ever our communities of color need strong indigenous leaders to answer the call to go back into their neighborhoods with the Gospel and lead with integrity. These communities have experienced decades of abuse from those who seek to pedal the Gospel for personal gain. so much so, that most people here would rather go to hell than go to a hypocritical church. It’s time to take back our cities for the glory of Christ. If the Lord has placed this calling on your heart, how will you make sure that you have the proper tools and resources to accomplish such a difficult and high calling?

So many gifted leaders fail at their calling not because they are incompetent, but because they lacked proper training and accountability. Don’t go in on this alone. This is why The Guerilla Church Planting Network is here. We are here to serve you, and walk with you on this
exciting journey of becoming all that you can be in order to give God your very best.


Through our 1 year incubator, we will commit to reading insightful books once a month in every essential area that is needed to be fully trained and ready for inner-city ministry. We meet once per month in order to discuss the book in honest conversation, and apply appropriate exercises and homework that will ensure that the truth we learn is both understood and experienced. Our goal is that you would be a healthy urban missionary through helpful mentoring and life-giving relationships.

We believe in you!

The Guerilla Church Planting Network

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