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RCLA Wilmington

Why a new Church?

1. The Bible commands us to start healthy churches     all over the world, although there are many churches in the world today, not many of them are healthy. Especially in urban communities, people are tired of the wolves in sheep's clothing fleecing the flock, they would rather go to hell than to another hypocritical church. 

2. The culture demands that we have diverse and unique churches to reach specific people groups. Not every church is for everyone. We have a heart to reach the hurting, the homeless, the homies and the have-nots. The least and the lost!

3. Planting new churches is still the number one way to bring the unchurched to Christ since the 1st century


How does a new church get started?

1.  A church sends out a group of missionaries who have been trained to plant churches in their specific context.

2. This group's first objective is to raise a core-team and fundraise resources. A core-team is a group of people who will commit to joining the mission and helping us launch the church. Also, contrary to popular opinion, a church needs money to start-up and operate. We need financial partners who can help us reach our financial goals. By December we are looking to recruit 40 core-team members, and raise at least 25% of our budget. Our complete budget is $350k.

3. The next step before we launch is to build partnerships with churches and organizations in the community in order for us to partner together and make real change in the city. Churches today are too divided, we aim to change that


Three-Fold Vision

For biblically effective church-planting
in the city of Wilmington


A) Establish a
Church that is


B) Endeavor to better
Wilmington through partnerships

Screenshot 2021-06-09 084513.png

C) Expand the kingdom
by multiplying disciples, leaders & churches

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